Thirsty Thursday a day Late…

Sorry kids we have been out and about with friends and family this past week or so. I know today is Friday but I hope I’m still in time for the weekend drink of the week…

Among some of the drinks that were consumed during our visits aside from Beer and Bloody Mary’s there were Wild Watermelon Slushies and Wine Coolers.

Recipes are listed here below…

Wine Coolers

3oz of Your Favorite Wine

3oz of 7up OR Ginger Ale

Pour over crushed Ice

Enjoy… Yep just that simple and delish

Wild Watermelon Slushies

4 pounds seedless watermelon
1 oz. vodka per 8 oz. slushie
2 oz. Prosecco per 8 oz. slushie
Cut, peel, cube, and freeze watermelon
When frozen, Add Vodka and Prosecco
Blend until smooth in a Ninja blender or Ninja food processor.
Tip of the Day…
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 Happy Cooking!
Please Drink sensibly and Stay Safe Kids… Don’t Drink and Drive!!!!!!

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