It’s Dirty Monkey Time

Yes, it’s Thirsty Thursday…

We have some friends that just went on a cruise before they left we told them about this wonderful all inclusive beach called Mr. Sanchos Cozumel. This place is awesome!!!! You get a table right on the water along with ALL you can eat, off a menu NOT a buffet and ALL you can drink all day long for ONLY $40 a person. Now that’s a bargain! If you ever get the chance to go to Cozumel you MUST go to Mr. Sanchos… Ed, the hubs, told April about this “Dirty Monkey” drink he discovered a couple of trips ago. She tried one and yep, she was hooked. So today I’m sharing this drink recipe with all of you… I hope you enjoy it as much as Ed.

1 cup pina colada mix
1 fluid ounce coffee-flavored liqueur, such as Kahlua
1 fluid ounce vodka
1/3 banana, mashed
1 cup ice cubes
Place pina colada mix, coffee-flavored liqueur, vodka, banana, and 1/2 cup of ice into a blender.
Cover, and puree until smooth.
Add ice a little at a time and repeat until drink reaches desired consistency.
Happy Cooking!
I mean, drink responsibly and always serve with food or snacks!!
Have a very SAFE 4th of July!
BONUS Drink…  

Red, White & Blue Firecracker Jello Shots Recipe (makes about 45 shots):

You’ll need…
1 3oz package of blue Jello
1 3oz package of red Jello
2 packets of Knox gelatin
1 cup of coconut milk
1/2 cup sugar
3 cups (divided) alcohol of choice OR flavored vodka
water and Cherries with stems
Jello shot cups

Set up your shot cups on baking sheets for easy transport to and from the fridge.  Use 2 oz shot cups

Step 1: Make the Red layer

  • In a bowl add 1 cup of boiling water to the red jello, stir well until dissolved, let cool a few minutes.
  • Add 1 cup of alcohol (I used whipped cream flavored vodka), stir.
  • Pour into jello shot cups, spreading evenly across the cups so there is a layer of red in each.
  • Transfer to fridge and let them set.  Package directions say 4 hours, I let mine set overnight so they would be extra firm before I added the next layer!  If you skip this step, your colors will mix when you add the next ones and you will no longer have a layer effect!  If you are rushed I would let them set at least 30 minutes.

Step 2:  The White Layer

  • Add 1 cup of water and 1 cup coconut milk to a saucepan and sprinkle the Knox over it.
  • Turn on the heat to low and stir well, cooking on low until the gelatin is fully dissolved.
  • Add the sugar and stir until dissolved.  Remove from heat.
  • Allow to cool several minutes and then add 1 cup of alcohol (I used whipped cream vodka)
  • Carefully add the white layer to your red layer in each cup.  Mine was too hot and started mixing in some of them so I used a spoon to add it!  But, if it’s cooled enough you can pour it (slowly!)
  • Transfer to fridge and allow to completely cool and set (same as the red layer)

Note: be sure to use clear alcohol or white liquor for this step so it stays white!

Step 3:  The Blue Layer

  • In a bowl add 1 cup of boiling water to the blue jello, stir well until dissolved, let cool a few minutes.
  • Add 1 cup of alcohol (I used regular vodka), stir.  Allow to cool several minutes.
  • Carefully add the blue over the white layer, slowly so it doesn’t mix!
  • Transfer to fridge and allow to set before eating!

A few Hints on making layered jello shots…

  • Be sure to let the layers fully set before you start adding the next one!
    ***Otherwise*** they’ll start mixing and you’ll have pink instead of red
    and white!
  • It’s helpful to let the new layer cool before you start pouring it in for the same reason as above.
  • Leave trays in the fridge until you are completely ready to add the next layer.
  • Make shots with half water and half alcohol.  So, for a 2 oz shot
    it’s 1 oz water and 1 oz of alcohol.  If you want a weaker shot you can use more cold water instead of alcohol, as long as it still equals to a cup.
  • Use the stem’d cherry for the fuse!

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