It’s a Watermelon Kinda Day for TT

So you’re camping for the weekend, it’s HOT and you are craving something ICY and COLD BUT you’re out of Margarita mix and you still have some Tequila in the fridge. Okay, you have a Watermelon iced down, Right? Well now, get that out the Tequila out and let’s make a simple yet so yummy Watermelon Slush…

Watermelon Slushy

3 1/2 cups watermelon pieces, frozen

1/2″-thick jalapeño slice, w/o seeds

6 oz Tequila, cold

4 oz simple syrup

2 oz  fresh lime juice

3 cups ice

Watermelon wedges

sliced jalapeños


Cut up watermelon and freeze at least 2 hours ahead

When melon is frozen combine all ingredients in a blender

Pour in a clear plastic cup and garnish with a Watermelon wedges and sliced jalapeños

Now if this don’t cool you off you just need to go jump in the lake… LOL

Drink responsibly! AND always have snacks available…

Happy Cooking!



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