Chicken and Noodles

My Recipe for Chicken and Noodles in my new Tupperware Microwave Pressure Cooker. 

4 Chicken Tenders

3 cups noodles

2 can Beefy Mushroom soup

3 cans Water

Lay chicken tenders on the bottom of the cooker.

Place noodles on top of the chicken, spreading evenly

Pour soup and water on top of the noodles

Cook in microwave for 15-20 minutes

Since it was new to me, I let the cooker set for 5 for minutes, then I removed to top.

It was delicious!!! It doesn’t get any easier than that!!! I ♥ it!!!!

Mornin’ Kids…

I was playing Rummikub at the lodge with some friends when a nice lady I had met at a meeting at Thousand Trails Lake Conroe the Sat before, Cheryl Espinosa, she is a Tupperware rep… Boy was I surprised to find out about some of the cookware that is now available. She brought me the Tupperware Pressure cooker to try. Oh MY Goodness… I took it home and made Chicken and Noodles, I just put all the ingredients in the Pressure Cooker and put it in the Microwave. It only took 20 from prep to table and it WAS delicious. Who would have thought a Pressure Cooker in the Microwave!! This is AWESOME…

You can contact Cheryl by eMail at laredotupperware@gmail

OR by phone for any questions you might have,,, 956-796-1156

Please check out Cheryl’s Tupperware website for other NEW useful products like the Microwave Grill. WoW, a grill for the kitchen! Now you can grill inside when the weather outside won’t cooperate…

Kids I have used Tupperware for years and my Mom was a  rep back when I was a little girl so I grew up with Tupperware. But I am amazed at what they offer today.

Thank You, Cheryl… I love my new Microwave Pressure Cooker!

Have great day everyone.

Happy Cooking!

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