Tips and Tricks for the Kitchen

I just love sharing kitchen helper tips and tricks…

Have you ever wanted to make something for lunch or supper but didn’t want to cook for an army?? Well, kids, I’m gonna share a few tricks I’ve learned and some gathered off Facebook and Google.

Measuring Cups and Spoons                         

Measuring Bowl with lid 

Complete Set of everything you need for Measuring  

I grew up in a house with 3 sisters my Dad worked but my Mom was a stay at home mom. Mom cooked every day, except Friday. That was our special day to eat out and it was a real treat. Mostly we ate at the Monterey House they had great Mexican food. They would bring you a basket of chips and red sauce, oh man does this bring back memories, SOOOOO good and under the chips there would be a piece of candy for each person at the table. For years we ate this candy and then one day I found out it was made with goats milk. WoW, I didn’t know goats milk tasted so good…

When I got married it took me a long time to learn to cook for a much smaller family. Coming from a family of 6 and now only cooking for just 2… Well, that didn’t work so good, I always cooked way too much. But I learned… I sure wish I had these awesome conversions back then. But you have them now and I hope they help you.

Little tips and tricks everyone should have in their recipe folder.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated…

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Happy Cooking!!!

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