Saturday Fun Day with Friends

Today I’m preparing for a visit from some friends that are coming over tomorrow. Laura Lee, her hubs James along with their grandson Devin are coming for the day to fish and visit. So I’m putting a menu together. I’m thinking of something I can make ahead or at least prep ahead of time and just cook when we’re ready to eat. It’s supposed to be pretty warm so I’m leaning to a light and easy meal, like…. Tomato and onion Salad

Tomato and Onion Salad (make ahead)

Cold Pasta Salad (make ahead)

Burgers and Hot Dogs on the Grill (make ahead the patties)

Baked Beans in the crockpot (put them on low in the am)

Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert (make ahead)

You can find these recipes under the appropriate Catagory Tab.

Here’s to a fun Saturday with friends and not worrying about fussing in the kitchen all day preparing food. You can enjoy visiting and fishing too.

Happy Cooking!


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