Pork Fried Rice for my Man

Mornin’ Y’all

My husband Ed just loves Chinese food, so today I’m making him some Pork Fried Rice for supper. The recipe can be found under the Group tab, then scroll down to the Pork section of the group. We went to

We went to Casa Ole yesterday and I ordered the Casa Ole dinner which comes with 2 plates of food, a hot plate which has a tamale, 2 cheese enchiladas, beans and rice and a cold plate, which has a beef Taco, bean Tostada, cheese Tostada and Guacamole for only $11.99.  If you bought each plate separately, it would cost you $19.50…

Ed had the lunch Fajitas.  SO, I enjoyed the cold plate at the restaurant along with the chips, red and green sauce then took the hot plate home which I will have while Ed is enjoying his Pork Fried Rice…

Happy Cooking!


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