Travel Gadgets and More

Hi Kids, welcome back!

Ever been traveling down the road and things start sliding around or falling off the counters, cabinets come flying open or fridge doors come flying open? We learned the hard way to secure cabinets, fridge and gadgets while traveling. I want to share with you all the products we use which make for a happy travel day.

For the cabinets I use Velcro Strips

For my plants and figurines, I use Quakehold Museum Putty

For the Fridge we use straps to secure the doors on our residential fridge. Ed installed these straps after the freezer flew open the first trip out. He used Backpack Straps with Fender Locks I sewed the straps onto the lock hook and Ed screwed the lock to the wall. I can NOT tell you what piece of mind these awesome products will bring you.

Until next time, Happy Cooking…



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