Easter Sunday Dinner

What a wonderful spring day to celebrate the Lord on the day he has risen. Amen!

Our day started out with the fur babies waking us up and wanting in the bed. They are so funny, they set beside the bed every morning and whine and bark until I pick them up and put them in the bed… Then it’s outside to sniff every blade of grass before finding just the right blade to go on.

Back inside I try to have my coffee and check my email, when I catch Cody peeking over the top of my computer screen from the couch and telling me he’s hungry. He does this every morning…lol

After breakfast, I started prepping for our wonderful Easter meal.  We’re having glazed Baked Ham, Potato salad, Baked beans, deviled eggs and for dessert Peach Cobbler. It’s my favorite Easter Sunday Dinner.


What’s your favorite Easter menu?

Hope you found the most eggs!

Have a great rest of your blessed Easter Sunday.

Stop by often, Happy Cooking!

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