A Grasshopper kind of Day

Good Mornin’ Thirsty ones…
Yes, today is Thirsty Thursday and today we’re making a fabulous drink which can also be a pie. Oh Yeah, I said pie… This recipe is so good you can freeze it and serve it as a dessert. Of course an ADULT dessert. Your friends will really be impressed. So simple yet so delicious. Enjoy!
3/4 oz white creme de cacao
3/4 oz green creme de menthe
2 scoops vanilla ice cream

Blend until smooth. Drink should have a thick, shake-like consistency

**NOTE** You can make an ADULT pie with this drink. Just pour in a pie shell made of crushed Oreos with 2 T spoons of melted butter formed in a pie plate.
Then freeze for an hour before serving.
I’m getting some good feedback on Thirsty Thursday. If you have anything you would like to share with us Please leave a comment. I value your opinion.
Thank You for stopping by…
Happy Cooking!

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